Well put

The best quip I saw on Twitter during the McCain/Obama debate came from Chuck Lasker, who wrote, "McCain says he knows how to get Bin Laden, knows how to fix SS, knows how to win wars - why is he holding all this back?" He makes an excellent point. McCain repeatedly declared that fixing those big problems was "easy" and that he knew how to do it. Basically he was claiming that he has a record of doing great things, and on that bases we should assume that he has the ability to fix those particular problems as well. But if he really knows how to do those things, why hasn't he made headway on any of them in the 26 years he's been in Congress? And where are the specifics of his plans to do those things?

I kind of reminds me of Nixon's "secret plan to end the war in Vietnam." It was only after he became president that we learned his only plan was to accelerate the war in hopes of victory.

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