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Interesting photo I came across on [http://www.flickr.com|Flickr].


I recently read your book "Trust us we're Experts". I was amused that on the back cover you have a quote from Jim Hightower that says: "This book is modern muckraking of the best variety, skewering hype and showing us how to separate real experts from snake-oil salesmen and hired corporate know-it-alls". http://www.quackpotwatch.org/ The funny part is that "snake oil salesmen" is probably one of the very first example of such muckraking that the medical community used to sway public opinion away from something that worked better than anything they had for aching muscles in the 1800's. http://hdlighthouse.org/see/immune/snakeoil.htm http://www.thejamushop.com/Snake_oil.htm Sorry if this is posted to the wrong place, but I was unable to find where to send an email, or start a new blog. Marshall

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