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Congratulations, Walter

This weekend I was exercising at home with the TV on for company, and when I started flipping channels, all of a sudden the face appeared of Walter Kirn, one of my old Princeton classmates. He was on CSPAN talking with [[w:Brian Lamb]] about his life as a novelist and literary critic and his recent adventures [|blogging on Andrew Sullivan's website].

It turns out that Walter also has a new novel coming out this October, titled [|Mission to America]. And, one of his previous novels, [|Thumbsucker], has just been made into a movie.

Baby Shower

I am planning Amys baby shower. It will be held on January 29th at 2pm at moms house. We have invited nearly 100 people. I have never hosted a baby shower, so this will be quite interesting...

Julie's wedding

This summer Julie Andersen got married and asked me to take some photos at the wedding. I worked with Julie for several years in the 1990s. She was executive director of the Wisconsin Coordinating Council on Nicaragua, and I was the loan fund manager for its NICA Fund, a project that channels loans from socially responsible investors in the United States to support economic development projects in low-income Nicaraguan communities.

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