What's the "proper way to grieve"?


Jon Friedman, who writes for MarketWatch, posted some thoughts about [[sw:Cindy Sheehan]] in his [http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story.asp?guid=%7B67F7A451%2DCF86%2D425F%2D8A1F%2D0A0956239C4C%7D&dist=rss&siteid=mktw|latest column] that seem, well, stupid. They're the sort of remarks that I might critique on a blog post at the website of the [http://www.prwatch.org|Center for Media and Democracy] if there were more of a connection to the Center's mission (exposing spin and propaganda), but instead I'll comment on them here.

Friedman seems to think that USA Today's reporter Judy Keen is devoting too much attention to the "Sheehan circus," so he interviewed Keen and peppered her with questions, asking for example whether Sheehan "had begun to enjoy the massive media attention" or whether "the media are distorting the Sheehan story out of all proportions."

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