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Why the Pre Ain't for Me

Palm Inc. investor Roger McNamee is predicting that iPhone customers will be [… switching en masse] to the Palm Pre once it goes on sale. Here's why I know already that I won't be making the switch:

  • I generally don't like buying new products until after they've had their shakeout tour.
  • Aside from the slideout keyboard, most of the features on the Pre look like iPhones knockoffs.

Time Machine with NAS

I've [[:node/135|written previously]] about Time Capsule's problems and my preferred alternative of using Airport Extreme and an external hard drive. Another option worth considering would be a [[w:Network-attached storage]] (NAS) device.

QNAP, a company that makes NAS devices, has a forum post titled "[ How to use your NAS with Time Machine]" that explains the setup procedure, which is similar to the procedure for setting up Airport Extreme with an external hard drive.

Apple's Time Capsule is a piece of crap

I was an early adopter of Apple's "Time Capsule," which in theory sounds like a great idea but has been a disaster for me in practice. This is the story of my nightmare.

In theory, Time Capsule is supposed to enable wireless, automatic backups of my hard drive via wifi. I liked the idea because I thought it would save me time and make backups so convenient that they'd be sure to happen.

In practice, it's been slow, aggravating and buggy as hell.

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